St. Joseph’s School
"Love, Truth and Service"
To provide quality education to the children of the poor and underprivileged communities and to make children fully human and fully alive.
At a glance...
School Prayer
1. Prayer before class
Loving father / we thank you for giving us this beautiful day. Thank you for the opportunity / you have given us / to study in this school. Help us to be truthful / in all that we think / do / and say. Grant us the grace / to be attentive in the class / and study all our lessons well. Bless our parents / our teachers / and our friends.
Seat of Wisdom – Pray for us.
St. Joseph – Pray for us.

2. Prayer before meal
Bless us, O Lord / and these your gifts,
which we are about to receive
from your bounty
through Christ our Lord. Amen.

3. Our Father
Our Father / who art in heaven / hallowed be Thy name / Thy kingdom come / Thy will be done / on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day / our daily bread. Forgive us / our tresspasses / as we forgive / those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation / but deliver us from evil. Amen

4. Prayer after class
O God / we thank you for helping us this day / Help us remember / all that we have learnt today. Be with us / on our journey back home. Bring us back / to our school safe tomorrow.
Our Lady of Good Health – Pray for us.
St. Joseph – Pray for us.

5. Prayer before examination
Lord of wisdom, I thank you for the gift of this day
And your love for me.
Bless me with confidence and courage
As I face my examination.
Help me, O God, with your presence, wisdom and
Goodness as I strive to do the exam
To the best of my ability.
Bless my hard work with good result.
May your Holy Spirit be my light,
strength, guide and inspiration.

6. Teacher’s Prayer
Gracious and loving Father, I thank you for the
blessings of this new day. Help me to remember that
I work with the most precious material in the world,
the mind of a child. Enable me to understand that
through my words and deeds, I am making marks
upon that mind which time will never rub out.
Lord of wisdom, each time, before I face my children
in the class, bless and assist me to understand each child
and see in her / him a precious soul. As the students look
at me for true guidance, I gaze on you and earnestly implore
you to fill me with abundant wisdom and strength to cater to the needs
and aspirations of young minds entrusted to my care.
I make this prayer in your most holy Name, O God. Amen.
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